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Bernd Volmer
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About Capellini
Capellini is perfect for anyone seeking an expressive, distinct font. The type family is loaded with expressive character, unique details and a different approach to type family structure. Capellini is a little different than other font families. Instead of the traditional Light, Regular & Bold font family structure, the Variable Font gives designers the power to adjust the width of the type and the slant of the italic. From a regular width (Numero 6) to an ultra condensed (Numero 1), Capellini can offer a wide range of widths and really goes into the most extreme narrow proportions of serif type. It is the ideal choice for poster typography, packaging, logo designs, branding and short paragraphs. It carries a similar elegance and high contrast design aesthetic of a fashion magazine Didot with a whole lot of additional character and can truly make a statement when used in large sizes.