Weekend Grotesk
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Bernd Volmer
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About Weekend Grotesk

Weekend Grotesk is a bold sans serif font family that will grab your attention with its expressive design and weird character. Its asymmetrical contrast in diagonal letters like A and V and the slightly convex stroke ends give it a playful feeling and make Weekend Grotesk the perfect fit for branding and packaging design. If the overall vibe is too crazy for you, use the Boost Legibility Open Type Feature — even the most weird and illegible font becomes a legibility superstar, one alternate character at a time. The Boost Legibility Open Type Feature® is actually just an alternate t K and k, but it does wonders and performs better in longer texts with the alternates. Weekend Grotesk is available for purchase over at Future Fonts as it is a work in progress that will grow into a proper font family.

Weekend Grotesk can be purchased at Future Fonts.