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Bernd Volmer
Release date
Last Update
Version 0.4 — 2023
About Seraphs

Seraphs is a work-in-progress variable font family that offers a range of styles to suit various design needs. It features a humanist sans serif, a serif version with curved serifs, a super sharp wedge serif, a playful and eccentric tuscan serif style, and a calligraphic style. With 5 weights from light to bold and 6 different serif styles, Seraphs offers a total of 30 styles that can be seamlessly interpolated to create countless more. Whether used in digital or print media, this font family offers versatility and creativity to designers seeking a dynamic and expressive typeface. The potential of Seraphs as a variable font means that users have the flexibility to tailor the style to their specific requirements, making it an exciting and innovative addition to the design world.

Seraphs can be purchased at Future Fonts.