Petrosian Mono
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Bernd Volmer
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Rick Angenent
About Petrosian Mono
Petrosian Mono is a subtly rounded monospace type family that that blends geometric letter shapes with monospace proportions. It is a reliable and versatile typeface that blends in with the design, when used in small sizes and becomes the star, when used in big sizes. Taking a modern approach to a traditional typewriter font, Petrosian Mono takes great freedom in its design and can be used inside and beyond the classic code editor. It got a couple of unique quirks, such as the big and bold dots in the accents and punctuation, letters that break the rhythm and do not fill up the space of the monospace glyph. Additionally Petrosian Mono got plotter friendly ink traps, which eliminates sharp inside corners sharper than 90° to avoid potential cuts on your vinyl letters. With its unique character, engineered type design, and modern design aesthetics, Petrosian Mono is an ideal choice for serious design.