Jürgen Siebert & Ana Regidor
Photo Credit

Norman Posselt
Marina Chaccur
Pablo Gamez
Bernd Volmer


Bernd Volmer and Olli Meyer designed a striking visual identity for the 2018 TypoLabs conference that centered around flexible visual type system that has clearly defined design rules. The custom font we designed for the conference was the main design element, and it was the first time a variable font was used for a visual identity. The font can interpolate between different weights and width, which allowed for a high level of flexibility in design. The color scheme was black and white, with a focus solely on the typography. The result is a visual identity based on type and technology, which were the main topics of the conference. The design rules we set at the beginning provided a consistent look and feel across all touch-points, ensuring a cohesive visual identity. The technology-driven approach to design allowed for a level of flexibility that was previously unattainable, and it demonstrated the power of using cutting-edge technology to drive design.

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